2010-12-11 11:18:15 by FatDragon

Uploaded 2 flashes check 'em out. One is an unfinished project though so don't be mean.


2009-08-21 13:06:42 by FatDragon

Drop Me A Note About anything. ANYTHING.

i Havent Made A New Post In A While SO Hiiiii People

The Art Portals Kool And IM gETTING Into Pokemon Lately

:) XD =D

Something Else

2009-04-22 14:23:34 by FatDragon

Ok Besides From The Sprite Collab ( Check Previous Post )
I Have Decided To Start A New Project Called Sketchy.
It Is Not A Collab But I Am Looking For Participants For Voice Actors.

Anybody Intrested Send Me An Audio Audition Of A Few Different Voices Saying Whatever You Want.

And Send It To fatdragon@live.co.uk

Once You've Sent It Also Send Me A PM To Inform Me You Have Sent It

Something Else

My Sprite Collab

2009-01-25 15:50:44 by FatDragon

Only A Month Left.

Anybody Else Want To Enter You Are More Then Welcome

550x 400x
12-30 fps
5-30 Seconds Long

IN BY 1st Of May I Needed To Delay Because My Friend Has Lost His Data

Once You Have Made Your Entry Send Me Your Fla's In A Zip File To fatdragon@live.co.uk

My Sprite Collab

Hi And Welcome TO ME!

2009-01-21 20:20:07 by FatDragon

HI Im Alun And I Have Been A Flash Fan For Years But I was Only Just arsed to begin myself And Well I SUck ...Enough Said

Ok I have uploaded about 20 flashes all Blammed But I only spent about an hour on each So Now Im Working On Many Various Projects One Of Which Is A collab BUT Thats All i Can Reveal About It Sorry????

I Will Have Uploaded the first of my many to come Good Flash Animations Around The Beggining Or End Of March ( Could Be Earlier ) Sorry WHatever Drop Me A message!?
Oh And iF anybody wants to be part of my sprites collab post me a message